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The benefits from renewable energy resources nowadays are very well known and as technology evolves, the use of renewable energy systems expands to more and more projects around the world, in homes and in all kinds of businesses. Environmental and economic benefits of using renewable energy include less global warming emissions, less pollution and better public health. In addition renewable energy created new job opportunities, new sources of income for renewable energy project owners and lower energy costs for those who have invested in the use of such systems.

Renewable energy resources such as wind power, solar photovoltaic, geothermal, water treatment systems and biomass are the future of power energy worldwide and in order to be effective they need the appropriate electrotechnical equipment. For instance balance of system equipment for photovoltaic structure like charge controllers, batteries, wiring, inverters, safety equipment, related power conditioning equipment and several electrical engineering tools are very important materials whether the construction is for home or business or public services.

The conversion chain for all renewable energy systems is the production of final energy from primary source energy, storage of the produced energy or direct consumption of the produced energy without storage, transmission and distribution for stored energy. Consequently the electrical equipment needs depends on whether the system will be stand-alone power system or off – grid system.

Electrica s.a. can provide electrical equipment and components for all stages, from the conversion energy facility to the storage and the end user, equipment for the connection, the operation, control and management of any renewable energy system with quality products based on your needs.

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