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Marine & Offshore

Marine & Offshore

Marine industry is a special sector and it has specific needs in the supply of electrical equipment. Keeping electrical components of the ship well maintained, free of quality problems, safe and secure is essential for the proper operation of the ship. We can cover the supply of electrical equipment for all areas of marine industry such as shipbuilding, maritime and offshore sector.

marine & offshore products

Electrica s.a. due to the extensive range of products and the years of experience as an Electrical Equipment Provider in the shipping sector can recommend suitable materials for all situations with a short delivery time.

Sealing system for cable and pipe penetration

Geaquello® E 950
Geaquello® R 312 /R 380
Flammadur® A 365 Strip
Flammadur® E 292 /E 292T
Flammadur® A 386
Flammadur® E 711
Flammadur® A 77 HF
Pyro Safe® Flammotect-A
Pyro Safe® Flammoplast KS 1
Pyro Safe® DG-CR 0.7

Marine & Offshore cable types

Low voltage cables
Medium voltage
Instrumentation cables
Fire resistant cables
Lan cables
Coaxial & Telecommunication
Optical fibre cables
Crane & Lift
Shore connection
High temperature

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All marine products follow the appropriate safety standards by leading international classification societies.