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Although most of electrical systems include standards for general electrical purpose, industrial facilities such as manufacturing and production environments have additional special power needs and extensive electrical requirements.

There are various types of voltage levels, even between countries around the world, therefore different electrical equipment required designed to fit properly depending on the distribution requirements of each installation. For example an electrical power system suitable for business which operates with heavy loads is usually designed with high or medium voltage.

Additionally the use of complex, sensitive and high cost machines creates extra demands on the supply of electrical equipment that needs different procedures in the installation or in the maintenance process.

Another very important factor that is crucial for such businesses is industrial electrical automation and control systems that help Industrial plants to insure operation and production continues efficiency with safety, lower costs and less environmental impact.

Electrica s.a. provides an extensive range of products for all the above Industrial electrical needs. Businesses such as Food processing plants, Pharmaceutical sectors, Manufacturing facilities, Hotels, Hospitals, Chemical industries and any kind of Production or Commercial Corporation can count on us to provide reliable electrical materials suitable for any situation.

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