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Although the general principles about the operation of electrical systems are almost the same as in all market sectors, when it comes to building industry, the electrical needs vary on the business object, the size of the building and the electrical power requirements. The needs are initially divided into residential and commercial electrical power but the supply for safety electrical equipment is crucial for all structures.

Commercial or industrial constructions usually rely on heavy equipment and the power distribution system should be capable to charge everything without overloading. Three phase power is suitable for these demanding facilities, can withstand higher loads, while enabling electrical power to flow smoother, with consistency and a constant rate. Single phase power usually is used for residential electrical installations and requires different equipment set up.

Practically these two power distribution systems are different from each other and have special needs when it comes to cables, wires and electrical materials, for example  cables that can carry high voltages versus common electrical wiring for residential use. However the integration of technology advancements has become essential in all cases such as networking systems, automation, security solutions, even Green electrical equipment in all types of constructions like energy saving lighting.

Electrica s.a. cooperates with the top certified manufacturers that are specialized in the development of high technical quality cables & wires and electrical materials for all systems that are suitable for the development of electrical installations of all kinds of building structures.

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